Introduction course to wine

Getting closer to wine

from January 24, 2023 , Wednesdays at 7.30pm

at La Fraschetta di Mastro Giorgio, Via Alessandro Volta 36, ​​Testaccio (Rome)


First part: The Art of Tasting (3 meetings): €145 (by 21 December) / €165 to follow 8 places available

Second part: The Art of Wine and Table (3 meetings): €145 (by January 30th) / €165 thereafter 8 places available

Entire course:Getting closer to wine (6 meetings): €290 (by December 21st) / €320 to follow 16 places available


A journey of more meetings to discover the art of making wine.

Between vineyards and cellars, sparkling wines and sweet wines, sensorial analysis and the history of good drinking: a journey backwards from the glass to the territory, to learn to intuit, understand and appreciate the oenological project behind every great wine.

The program:

Getting closer to wine – Part one: sensorial analysis and the birth of wine

  • Wednesday 24 January – Learning about wine, its history and its world – Visual Analysis
  • Wednesday 31 January– Rediscovering the senses: Olfactory and Gustatory Sensory Analysis
  • Wednesday 7 February From the grapes to the glass: the vineyard, the vine, the harvest, the cellar


Getting closer to wine – Part two: the art of wine and table

  • Wednesday 14 February – The magic of the table: Pairing, Preserving and Serving Wine
  • Wednesday 21 FebruarySweetness in Wine: Sweet Wines, Muffati, Passiti, Fortified and Flavored Wines
  • Wednesday 28 February From Prosecco to Champagne: Italian and international sparkling wines

Meetings lasting approximately 2 hours.

Participants will have a notebook of sensory cards as an educational support and each evening will have a tasting focus in three tastings of wines chosen from among the most qualitatively significant and representative of national and global wine expressions.

At the end of the course, each guest will be issued a certificate of participation.

In case of absence, the single meeting can be made up in future editions of the course (subject to notice within 48 hours and subject to availability of places on the new dates).


Wine Communicator & Sommelier:Daniele Graziano


  • First part: The Art of Tasting (3 meetings): €145 (by 21 December) / €165 to follow 8 places available
  • Entire course: Getting closer to Wine (6 meetings): €290 (by 21 December) / €320 to follow 16 places available

Total amount for 3 or 6 meetings (location, wine, supports, teaching).

It is possible to participate in individual meetings after checking availability of places.


For info and reservations:
335 421015 /
FB: DGexperience / IG:

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