Introduction course to Italian wine

The Italy of Wine

from November 14, 2023 , Tuesdays at 7.30pm

at La Fraschetta di Mastro Giorgio, Via Alessandro Volta 36, ​​Testaccio (Rome)

A wine journey in several stages in the name of the territory, its history, its excellence. From south to north, following the path that the vine has taken over the centuries: from the coasts of Calabria and Sicily where it arrived brought by the Greeks, passing through the south, through Lazio and Tuscany which were the cellars of ancient Rome, up to to the northern regions, which have had the greatest impact on the modern evolution of Italian wine.

A journey between history and legend, which intertwine with women and men, poetry and power, passions and professionalism. A way to rediscover part of our extraordinary tradition. And maybe a little big piece of us.

The program

First part “From the sea to the hills”:

  • Tuesday 21 November 2023 – Sicily, Calabria and Basilicata
  • Tuesday 28 November 2023 – Campania, Puglia and Molise
  • Tuesday 5 December 2023 – Abruzzo, Lazio and Sardinia
  • Tuesday12 December 2023 – Tuscany and Umbria

Second part “From the Apennines to the Alps”:

  • Tuesday9 January 2024 – Marche, Emilia Romagna and Liguria
  • Tuesday16 January 2024– Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta
  • Tuesday 23 January 2024 – Lombardy, Trentino and Alto Adige
  • Tuesday30 January 2024 – Veneto and Friuli

Meetings lasting approximately 2 hours.

Information and details

Wine Communicator & Sommelier: Daniele Graziano

Participants will have a notebook of tasting sheets as an educational support and each evening will have a tasting focus on four wines chosen from among the most qualitatively significant and representativeof Italian wines.

In case of absence, the single meeting can be made up for future editions of the course (subject to notice within 48 hours and subject to availability of places on the new dates).


  • €320 (for the first guests)
  • €360 to follow

It is possible to participate in individual meetings after checking availability of places.

The course will be confirmed once a minimum number of participants is reached.

For info and reservations:

335 421015 /

FB: DGexperience / IG: dgexperience .it

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