Approach course to sparkling wines

“Le Bollicine”

from 23 September, Wednesday at 8.30pm

La Fraschetta by Mastro Giorgio , Via Alessandro Volta 36, ​​Testaccio (Rome)


(6 places available)

A journey to discover sparkling wines, among the most famous and intriguing wines, yet never sufficiently detailed.

From the methods of sparkling wine to the great protagonists of the world scene, between Italian excellences and international classics, to the discovery of small niches of often unknown quality.

A joyful and sensorial journey to open the boundaries of our palate and our culture, savoring uncommon oenological expressions and enriching our gustatory baggage with lightness and curiosity.

23 September – Introduction to sparkling wines

30 September – The Bubbles of Italy

7 October – Champagne and French sparkling wines

14 October – Excellent bubbles from Italy and the world


N.B. The program may be subject to variations due to national and regional provisions.

Wine Communicator & amp; Sommelier: Daniele Graziano


Participants will have a notebook of tasting cards as didactic support and each evening will have a tasting focus in four glasses of sparkling wines chosen from among the most qualitatively significant and representative of world winemaking realities.

In case of absence, the single meeting can be recovered in future editions of the same course or scalable from enrollment in a future course.



Participation (6 places available):

  • € 170 (for bookings before September 1st)
  • € 190 to follow

It is possible to participate in individual meetings after checking availability of places.


For info and reservations :

335 421015 /

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