Dinner and tasting

“Spring of taste”

Art of Cooking and Art of Wine

Thursday 18 June, h 21


Chasing passion and excellence is a way of life and Italian food and wine offers us interpreters who have dedicated their lives to this philosophy, in order to share unique sensory emotions with us.

In a special evening in the heart of Rome we will found the art of Italian cuisine, represented by the gastronomic research of La Fraschetta di Mastro Giorgio, with the art of wine by Gianfranco Pironti, passionate interpreter of Savuto and Calabrian oenology.

(dinner will be served at the table)


The recipes of La Fraschetta di Mastro Giorgio

  • Potato pie on a velvety chicory and heart of taleggio
  • Pizzottella with turnip greens and anchovies
  • Pumpkin ravioli with herb butter, salted crumble and ‘nduja
  • Pork fillet alla cacciatora with Taggiasca olives
  • Cheeses selection by the chef

(dinner will be served at the table)

The wines of Antiche Vigne

  • “Terra di Ginestre” white (Pecorello, Greco Bianco e  Mantonico)
  • “Gida” Rosato (Magliocco)
  • “Iuvenis” Red (Magliocco)
  • “Savuto Classico” (Magliocco)
  • “Savuto Superiore” (Magliocco)


To tell us about the wines: Gianfranco Pironti, anima e guida di Antiche Vigne

To tell us about the dishes:  chef Umberto Daeder e Marco Sagone, owner of La Fraschetta di Mastro Giorgio

Wine Communication & Sommellerie: Daniele Graziano of DGexperience



  • € 35 (by Monday 1st June)
  • € 38 (by Monday 8 June)
  • € 40 (following)


For info and reservations:  

335 421015 / info@dgexperience.it

FB: DGexperience /www.dgexperience.it

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