Tour, tasting aperitif

Sunset on the Aventine Hill

In the heart of the capital between history, culture and food and wine

Sunday 4th October, 6pm

The Aventine and its infinite beauty.
In this place you will be inebriated by the scent of roses and oranges, while you can hear the echoes of the ancient rites of the knights of Malta and the refinement of the palaces, villas and embassies is contrasted by the genuine and free-range Roman spirit.

A journey between aesthetics and history, between art and beauty, which will end in the heart of Testaccio and Rome, where we will taste – relaxing – selected food and wine delicacies.


h 18: historical-cultural tour

Appointment at 5.45 pm at the statue of Giuseppe Mazzini at the Circus Maximus :

  • Statue of Mazzini
  • Municipal Rose Garden
  • Orange Garden
  • Piazza Cavalieri di Malta
  • Via Marmorata
  • Testaccio Square

Afterwards, at La Fraschetta di Mastro Giorgio , Via Alessandro Volta 36, ​​Testaccio (Rome), aperitif and tasting:

  • Pizzotelle fantasy
  • Mixed bruschetta
  • Crunchy focaccia with Modenese artisan mortadella

and to conclude…

  • Spaghetti with chicory and pecorino cheese

(Changes to the menu are possible after sharing with the organization)

In combination, a wide wine selection by DGexperience and Daniele Graziano .

Professional Guide : Matteo Ippoliti

To tell us about the atmosphere and the philosophy of the location : Marco Sagone and the team of Mastro Giorgio’s Fraschetta

Wine Communicator&Sommelier : Daniele Graziano from DGexperience

In order to ensure better listening, earphones will be rented at an additional cost of € 1.50 per person.

Visit, aperitif and guided tasting:

  • € 30 (by 28/09)
  • € 35 to follow

For info and reservations:

335 421015 /

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